Friday, June 12, 2015

Register Axis2 MessageBuilder Programmatically

For each  Content-type, we define message builders and formatters in the axis2 configuration(axis2.xml). Those Builders and Formatters are global configuration. In some cases, we need to handle  certain messages belong to a certain content-type  in different manner.

For example, We configure text/xml content-type messages to be handled by a message builder implementaion in axis2 configuration. But, if same content-ype messages to be handled in different manner in a different message flow, we can register MessageBuilder/Formatter programmatically in that particular message flow. This will not affect the normal message building process for the same content -type messages in other flows.

Registering PlainTextBuilder implementation to handle SOAP messages.

Builder messagebuilder = null;
Class c = Class.forName("org.apache.axis2.format.PlainTextBuilder");

Object obj = c.newInstance();
if (obj instanceof Builder) {
messagebuilder = (Builder) obj;
org.apache.axis2.context.MessageContext axis2MsgContext;
axis2MsgContext.getConfigurationContext().getAxisConfiguration().addMessageBuilder("text/xml", messagebuilder);

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