Sunday, August 31, 2014

Invoking SOAP service via an API in WSO2 APIManager

WSO2 APIManager provides  comprehensive features to support API management capabilities. Users can  publish APIs for REST and SOAP services. To test REST service, REST testing tools are available in API store. But for SOAP services there is no inbuilt tool to test the API. Users can use  any SOAP client to test the API. A simple easy to use tool is SOAPUI.
To test SOAP service api, user needs to set a http auth header to invoke api successfully.
There is no any difference  between REST service api and SOAP service api when creating,  publishing or subscribing to API. After generating an accesstoken, user can  use REST client to invoke API by setting "Authorization" header. 

Eg: Authorization: Bearer ozVF2bhIBnd6rgziVJNr1Vu0J54a

Same header has to be set as HTTP header in soap-ui too. Note that, this is not ws-security header.

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