Sunday, May 4, 2014

Executing FaultSequence for SOAPFaults in WSO2ESB

In WSO2ESB/Synapse, whenever mediation errors occur, user can execute faultsequence to find error details.
The fault sequence can be defined at a sequence level or at proxy service level. Mediation level issues and endpoint errors can be captured at faultsequence. But SOAPFault can not be captured at fault sequence, since ESB/Synapse will treat it as the response from the endpoint.
But from user's pont of view , those are service endpoint failures which need to be handled properly.
To handle the soapfaults, now we can use a property which forces to execute fault sequence whenever soapfault occurs.
We need to set  following property before sending the message to endpoint.;

<property name="FORCE_ERROR_ON_SOAP_FAULT" value="true"/>

Sample conf;

<proxy xmlns=""
  <target faultSequence="myfaultSeq">
         <property name="FORCE_ERROR_ON_SOAP_FAULT" value="true"/>
         <address uri="http://localhost:9764/services/echo/"/>

In the above sample , whenever we get soapfault, the 'myfaultSeq' will be executed.

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