Thursday, November 3, 2011

Configuring WSO2 ESB with Oracle™AQ as Messaging Media

"OracleAQ provides database integrated messaging functionality. Its' underlying system works with oracle database. OracleJMS (OJMS) is the JMS interface to the Advanced Queuing (AQ) feature in the Oracle database. OJMS has JNDI support, which could be used to get 'ConnectionFactory' at run time and the connections returned from it will be able to transparently connect to the JMS server."

I have written a detail tutorial about the configurations needed to connect AQ , which is published [1] at wso2 site..Thanks Edwin  for the great help on AQ and LDAP configurations..


  1. Hi Vijaya,

    I'm very new to WSO2. Struggling on 2.2 section. Please help and reply back to

  2. Hi,
    It is bit old tutorial, Applies to wso2 esb 4.0.x version. You may use some configurations to newer esb versions too. But now I'm not into wso2 technologies. If you face any issue please post that to stackoverflow with 'wso2' tag, or post your queries to their public development mailing list. 2.2 section describes how to create Oracle queue. You might need to get help from oracle list.

  3. Hi Ratha,

    Thanks for your article and it was very useful and having detailed inputs with steps.

    This is Radhakrishnan and new to WSO2 - EI 6.2.0(version going to be used). Gone through the article for connecting WSO2 with Oracle AQ JMS.

    Need one help - How to post message to Oracle AQ JMS from WSO2?
    My mail id: