Thursday, October 6, 2011

Installing and configuring ApacheDS

ApacheDS is an open source project, which provides directory server , which is LDAP v3 compliant. You can download ApcheDS here, which comes with eclipse based LDAP browser + LDAP server. So, you don't need to use extrernal LDAP browsers (eg: JXplorer)  to configure your directory server.

  • Download , install and start the Apache Directory Studio™ (v1.5.3)
  •  Go to 'File' menu and click 'New'. Select 'ApcheDS' server. Go to 'next' page.
  •  Provide a unique name to identify your LDAP server instance.(eg: ServerA) Click 'Finish'
  • You will see your newly created server @ servers panel.
  •  Double click on ServerA's link.You will see a window which lists all options to configure the server.

  •  At the 'General' tab, you can provide the port numbers for different protocols. Here leave the default port numbers as it is.
    •  LDAP =10389
    • LDAPS=10636
  •  Go to 'servers' panel and click the 'start' button.

  • Now, server instance created. We have to create a connection for that server.(ie:ServerA)
  • Go to 'LDAP' menu and select 'New Connection'
  • Provide 
    • Connection name - Connection A
    • Hostname - localhost
    • Port no -10389 (This is the port number ServerA instance running)

  • Click 'Next'. 
    • Authentication Method - "Simple Authentication"
    • Bind DN - "ou=system,uid=admin" (this is the one by default available partition and the user)
    • Bind password - 'secret' (default  passoword)
  • If you provide all the above parameters correctly , your connection will start successfully. You can see the available partitions at LDAP browser.
That is it for installation and starting the server.

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  1. Great Link (You can download ApacheDS here), Thanks.