Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Still a long journey for women!

During the past few days Delhi/India was in a bit tense situation due to several protests against the gang rape of a college girl. There are numerous comments from various parties , why it happened, who are (what) the reasons and the judgements also provided for the suspects by various parties. At media interviews /political meetings participants have been asked for their views and getting criticism about the comments they made to public.
When all these protests going on, at  the other end there are cruel rapes occur  all over India. Those cruel activities are fail to get most peoples attention rather than a single line of a news in few medias.

In Indian medias there are more than five murders/rapes news each and every day. But none of them made such attention to the public. Murders happen in varieties. Power of imagination is applied on murders, acid attacks,rapes which are not restricted to any of the age limits. Rules and regulations are generated by a group of people in village areas. Punishmants are made by them. Most of these, fail to get more people/media attention, because those people are poor, different cast, politics, race,religion. Not only in India, such cruel attacks against women happen mostly in the Asian countries. Very few get attention, like the attack against kid Malala.

The most populous democracy country, has still a long journey for women rights!