Thursday, November 1, 2012

I am glad that I was surrounded ..

I am glad that I was surrounded by such enthusiastic students in the YIT geek challenge. But sadly i didn't know much to help them with their ideas which they had in  mind.
YIT team just finished successfully its first Geek challenge competition. It was just beyond amazing  in the  land which faced nearly thirty years civil war.

Competition was well organized by the team and it conducted  in a way, which we don't follow generally in IT project presentations.
It happened as 5 rounds and in each round participants' different IT skills were tested. I could say happily that the participants showed an extraordinary knowledge with their ideas though they are with less subject knowledge.

No one felt about losing the game but was willing to learn. Morning sessions went with guiding/mentoring the students and in the evenings, presentations were a debate among the judges,audience and teams.

Everyone asks me what are the good and bad points in this competition.To be honestly, i didn't expect such an interactive competition. With the less resources event was well organized. Hats off to the YIT onsite/ offsite organizers,mentors, judges and of course all teams who participated. You dreamed and it happened..

I saw  proud parents,teachers,lecturers and  entrepreneurs who with  hopes and big dream during the event.

participants are with mentors,judges and organizers

I had a 4 days wonderful time and it completely exceeded my expectations!


  1. Yeah! It turned out to be a unforgettable event for us. All of us learnt something new on those 4 days.

  2. Congrats guys.. Was an awesome event and guys were rocking.. So proud of you.